Literally, the holder of string. But also, the teller of stories in the world of classical Sanskrit. He is of this world of illusions – Maya. And yet he is the herald of truth – Satya.
Simultaneously looking forward and backwards, a Sutradhar is he who is the bridge between two worlds, two realities. He who owns nothing. But is the repository of all knowledge.
Paro’s Sutradhar is she who takes us towards our ancestral wisdom. The one who unearths and illuminates what we have forgotten. This is where we return to our roots and rituals. The stories are told in one voice.
The stories are told in many voices. Because cultural knowledge is a shared heritage and we are all keepers and inheritors and messengers of that knowledge. We are all Sutradhars.

There are no current events.

Surrendering to Nature
As I read Vedic literature and its various interpretations and reflect upon them, I realise that one of the main tenets of Vedanta is a reflective study of yourself