Good Earth celebrates the craft and heritage of the Indian subcontinent and Asia through unique and contemporary design stories; that utilise and revive traditional craft techniques and processes. Inspired by Nature, enchanted by History, crafted by Hand, Good Earth is a celebration of the joy in everyday living.

Paro, the Soul of Good Earth, is the impulse at the heart of creation.

At the root of the subcontinent’s craft, art, traditions and rituals there is a philosophy, a world view. The wisdom of the Vedic civilisation, encapsulated in the four Vedas, emphasised the primal connect between the human mind, body, spirit and the natural world.

Paro is a return to that ancestral wisdom and knowledge. Where Nature offers us healing of the body and the mind. It is an alignment of the Self with Rta – the cosmic order or Prakriti. And it shares and disseminates the special knowledge of how to live an experiential and mindful life. It is an invitation to pause and flow from chaos to calm.

Paro is a celebration of the joy within yourself.