Paro is a Journey

Paro was born out of an impulse, a need that perhaps many people feel at some point in their lives. It is the desire to connect with something greater than us, a desire to understand more deeply who we are and what role we play in this lifetime. It is the deep curiosity that I felt about how our bodies, souls and minds connect with the cosmic order and the rhythms of nature.

And as I searched I stumbled upon this treasure that had been lying in front of me all this while!

I write this note on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima – the full moon of the month of Ashad. It is the day when we acknowledge our wise rishis and gurus who thought about and analysed the meaning of life and the reason for existence and about the human capacity to tap deep into ourselves – into that boundless potential that we all have within us. That quality, that which is called Atman or Consciousness, Brahman or God by some.

It gave me so much hope and inspiration to know that we all carry this potential within us and can tap into it when we want to. It is an amazingly liberating realisation.

I started reading books on Vedic philosophy and knowledge, which led me to inquire about yoga and what that really is; to the principles of quantum physics; to self-healing and Ayurveda and my awe along with my search continues… And I wanted to share this with people like me who maybe have very little idea of this treasure that is available to us, that which is our heritage and was offered by the gurus to us to enable us to live a life that is in harmony with nature, with ourselves, with Rta – the cosmic order.

Thus, Paro has been created – first as an experience and then as a brand – to share this knowledge with those who are also curious and interested. Paro comes from Sanskrit and it means to share special knowledge. And this is truly what we want to do. All of us at Paro are on this beautiful, special journey and we invite you to come along with us.

Simran Lal