Isheeta Sharma

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17 Aug: The Clouds of Varsha Rtu

As the harbingers of the most dramatic and romantic season of the subcontinent, rain-laden clouds have become an integral part of the artistic vocabulary of the literature, art and music depicting Varsha rtu
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03 Dec: Yoga Mudras For Winter

Yoga hand mudras or hand gestures can be utilised and made part of our daily Yoga practice to ease the flow of energy in our body. These mudras stimulate different parts of the body in order to ease congestion, headaches and colds during Hemanta and Shishir rtu
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26 Aug: The Scent of Wellbeing

The word Incense is derived from the Latin word ‘incensum’ meaning ‘that which is burnt’ and refers to biotic substances made from flowers, resins, gum, herbs, spices, etc., often combined with essential oils, which release fragrance when they are burned