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03 Dec: Yoga Mudras For Winter

Yoga hand mudras or hand gestures can be utilised and made part of our daily Yoga practice to ease the flow of energy in our body. These mudras stimulate different parts of the body in order to ease congestion, headaches and colds during Hemanta and Shishir rtu
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29 Apr: The Function of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most neglected functions of the human body today. Sleep makes up one-third of human lifespan and is an integral function of the human body, it plays a dynamic role in every person's overall health and wellbeing
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26 Nov: Cultivating Prana

Whoever you may be, and wherever you may live, you live your life well when you live it at the right rate. Plow your way through life and life will wear you out; poke your way along and your life may grind to a halt. Find a pace that suits you, though, and amble along it accordingly, and your world will spontaneously level a path for you
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02 Nov: Tantra

Tantra can be described as a body of beliefs and practices developed over millennia by loose affiliations of seekers or sadhakas who sought to free themselves from their limitations and become svatantra, “self-dependent.”